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Your Guide to a Successful Intercultural Dialogue

بواسطة Dr. Nourah Bint Abdullah Al-Hasawi

التصنيف - جسور

تاريخ النشر -

مرات القراءة - 28

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BEFORE YOU START ?HOW TO CONDUCT A DIALOGUE ?ARE YOU DONE ?What is My Purpose ?What is My Focus Be Yourself ?When should I start the dialogue Introduction Subject Page ?Have You Noticed How Mankind are so Different Gifts have Irresistible Effects Built a Bridge, If Possible Criticize Yourself Constructively Share Your Knowledge and Experience Improve Your Skills Once Again: Smile Become Familiar with the Topic of the Dialogue Become familiar with the ‘other’s stand regarding the topic of dialogue Remember Your Objectives ‘Respect Your Time and that of the ‘Other Take Care of Your Appearance Utilizing Your Body Language You and Your Words Make Sure there is Enough Tolerance All Topics Can Be Discussed but Not All Means Are Right Conclude Your Dialogue Effectively

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